30 Day Book Challenge

Day 11: A Favourite Book from One of My Favourite Authors

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.

Emily Brontë is one of my favourite authors. Yes, I know she has only one published novel. But that novel is all it took to make me admire her prowess as an author.

Wuthering Heights is what it is because of Emily Brontë. It is her writing that has kept generations of readers transfixed. She wrote about raw and unrestrained human emotions without the fear of meeting with the disapproval of the 19th century audience. I think she is probably one of the most honest writers I’ve ever come across.

Even nearly 200 years after the publication of Wuthering Heights, it still does not feel stale. It is still crackling and sharp. It still provokes strong emotions and makes it impossible to ignore it. Its characters tried relentlessly to break all boundaries of conventionality. The author herself went beyond the restrictions of what was considered proper and improper in literature back then. And that is what makes Wuthering Heights relevant even today. It is certainly the reason I enjoy it and cannot forget it. A truly timeless classic.


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