Musing Mondays (June 13)

This week’s Musing Mondays from Should Be Reading  asks…

“…there’s no way you can read, see and experience all the things that are available to be experienced. The two methods for dealing with it are culling (i.e., cutting out certain genres that don’t interest you, etc.) or surrender (i.e., just making peace with the facts and enjoying what you can in the time that you have).

So, do you cull, or do you surrender? Or do you do both?

I most definitely ‘cull’. There are so many books out there from my favourite genres and my favourite authors that I want to read. If I read books that I am not sure I would like or am almost certain to dislike (i.e. books like the Twilight series), I would never get to read all of the books that I do want to read. So, I mostly stick to what I know.



    1. You’re welcome!

      Thanks! As you can guess, wuthering comes from one of my all time favourite books Wuthering Heights and willow just happens to rhyme with it. Hence, I am wutheringwillow! 🙂

  1. I think I tend more to surrender.
    Sure, you must cull to some degree (so many books, so little time…), but I also think you have to stay a little open to every genre. Especially if it come with a really strong recommendation. 🙂

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      Great musing! It does sometimes make me feel sad and often restless to think of all the things I would never see or get to experience. The world is so big and our lives are too short. But thanks to the internet I get at least a taste of the wider world. Otherwise I would live and die an unknown entity. So, I am thankful for it.

    1. Hello! Thanks for the visit!

      I skim too sometimes but they are also usually books from my favourite genres. See, I am careful even about books from genres I am comfortable with. 😉

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