30 Day Book Challenge

Day 18: Favourite Fictional Female Character

Agatha Christie’s Miss Jane Marple.

My first encounter with Miss Marple was in A Murder Is Announced. I loved A Murder Is Announced. Ever since then I have been a fan of Agatha Christie and also of her creation, Miss Jane Marple.

Miss Marple, with her gentle blue eyes and fussy, old spinsterish manner seems like such a dear, old, harmless lady. But under that gentle demeanor lies a shrewd judge of character. And the habit of believing the worst of everyone and being very frighteningly correct in her assumptions. She’s not afraid to deal with death and unpleasantness and is not easily intimidated. In fact most of the time her assumptions and solutions are far more shocking than anything envisioned by the more ‘so called’ modern and enlightened generation.

All of Miss Marple’s solutions are based on her observations of the village life. Her unrivaled understanding of the Human Nature always gives her a deeper insight in to the true nature of crimes. She always maintains that Human Nature is very much the same everywhere and certain types of persons will always act in certain ways.

I love Miss Marple! Her cleverness, her kindness and above all her sense of justice, makes her endearing to me and millions of other readers.

The cover picture is from one of my favourite Miss Marple mysteries, Sleeping Murder.


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