30 Day Book Challenge

Day 22: A Book I’ve Wanted to Read for a Long Time but Still Haven’t


Bleak House by Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens is one of my favourite authors. Bleak House has an element of mystery in it. I love mysteries. I have wanted to read Bleak House for a long time. I finally found and bought a good edition of the book. But I still haven’t gotten around to actually reading it. Why? Well, time constraints is one factor. The length of the book is another. But I hope to overcome all of this pretty soon and finally read Bleak House.



  1. I had a lovely relationship with Charles DIcken’s novel when i started reading. I started reading tale of two cities and there was no stopping then.I read most of dicken’s work in 3 months since then 😀

    Bleak house starts with very nice description of 19th century London.its a complex but very good book.I did need lot of concentration and attention.I think its around 700-800 pages. Good luck .I am sure you will enjoy it.

    1. I started with A Tale of Two Cities too. I read at least three-four of his books last year. This year I have so far read two of his books. Lets hope I can get to Bleak House soon. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

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