30 Day Book Challenge

Day 29: Favourite Forgotten Classic

London Lavender by E. V. Lucas.

If anyone has read my About page, they should know that I love discovering forgotten classics and bringing them to everyone’s attention. I also love discovering old time authors on my own. Authors like Stanley Weyman, F. Marion Crawford, E.V. Lucas and W.W. Jacobs to name just a few. Discovering old time authors who are virtually unknown today and reading and reviewing their books is one of my favourite things now.

Over the years I have read a lot of books from the past about which nobody seems to know which is a crying shame really because a lot of these books are great fun to read! London Lavender is one such book.

I first came across E.V. Lucas while reading a collection of short stories. The short story was called The Face on the Wall. It created quite a deep impression on my mind and I’ve been on the look out ever since for the original collection from which this story came.

After a lot of searching I finally found London Lavender, published in 1912. But as it turned out it is not a short story collection at all but rather a series of very loosely connected vignettes. It turned All my expectations upside down and I loved it!


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