Musing Mondays (Oct.11)


This week’s Musing Mondays from Should Be Reading asks…

“This week’s musing asks…

What types of nonfiction do you read? Can do multiple choices.


 – e-books

– Mythology/Folklore

– Travel/Locations

– Humor

– History

– Art, including art history

– Science including forensics

– Gardening/Nature

– Political

– Financial/Economical

– Religious

– Self-help

– How-to books

– Books on writing

– Audio books

– Biography

– Autobiography

– Sports

– Architecture

– Fitness/Exercise/Nutrition/Beauty

– Other

– None of the Above

I am a total fiction reader! I don’t read too many non-fiction books but when I do I try to keep it light. I am afraid too much heavy duty stuff may bog me down and I may end up not enjoying it at all. So, most of my non-fiction reads tend to be ‘Humorous’. For example, something like Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots & Leaves. I have also read one or two ‘Biographies’ and ‘Autobiographies’ but the ‘Biography’ or ‘Autobiography’ has to be of a person I already admire (i.e. Agatha Christie’s An Autobiography or Alfred Hitchcock’s biography It’s Only A Movie). Otherwise again I am afraid I’ll get bored.



  1. Good topic. Though I am primarily a fiction reader, I read non-fiction as well. Both have attractions for me. I love a good non-fiction adventure story like THE LOST CITY OF Z by David Grann. I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking this book. 🙂

    Also I enjoy reading non-fiction history and biography.

    1. The Lost City of Z is not exactly my type of book mainly because I am such a chicken when it comes to real life incidents. The whole story of the disappearance of Percy Fawcett and his son makes me feel so sad. Unsolved disappearances and murders always bother me. It makes me really sad to think about what might have befallen those poor people. 😦

    1. I guess reading about the struggles of others can have a cathartic effect. Makes you realize your own life isn’t so bad after all. Me, I just get depressed if I read anything which is sad but true.

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