Musing Mondays (Nov.7)

This week’s Musing Mondays from Should Be Reading asks…

“This week’s musing asks…

Other than for school, do you read books to learn how to do something? What was/were the topic(s)?

Umm…not really. Other than for school, I don’t deliberately read books to learn something. Most of the books I read are for pure entertainment only.

I read The Art of War last year, without really intending to learn anything from it. I mean, it’s a book on ancient warfare techniques. When am I ever going to be in a situation where fighting skills are going to be necessary? But I did end up learning something from it. The most important lesson I learnt from it was to be aware of  my surroundings and of other people’s intentions all the time. It is something I already knew but reading Sun Tzu’s words only reaffirmed my belief in being prepared for anything at any given moment.



    1. Yes it was prtetty interesting but I had to read cautiously and reflect on what I had just read. In the end, I did manage to get quite a few nuggets of wisdom from The Art of War.

    1. The Art of War is interesting. But I don’t know if I’d recommend this book to everyone. One may find a passage or a few lines that may really mean something to them or they may think it dull and find that this is after all a mere book on military strategy. In the end, it all depends on how one chooses to look at it. 🙂

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