January – Charles Dickens Month

7th February 2012 is the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens. To mark the occasion Amanda at Fig and Thistle is hosting January – Charles Dickens Month. As Charles Dickens is one of my favourite authors, I couldn’t resist plunging into it.

There is no amount of reading or required posting or mini-challenges. The premise is basic:  every Tuesday in January (there are 5 Tuesdays) post something about Charles Dickens.  It can be a book, short story, or film review.  It could be about his life.  It could even merely relate to his time period. On his birthday, Tuesday 02/07 there will be a big wrap-up!

There will also be a Charles Dickens giveaway. After February 7th, Amanda will randomly draw a winner and there will be a Dickensian-themed prize. The only stipulation is that the blog posts MUST actually be related to Charles Dickens.

Today is the first Tuesday of January 2012. Throughout the next four weeks, I will try to post my thoughts on books by Charles Dickens, my likes, my dislikes (I really don’t have many of those though), about his time period; etc,

Thanks to Amanda for hosting the Charles Dickens Month! This will be fun for sure!

Post One : My First Charles Dickens

Post Two : My Favourites

Post Three: Dud from Dickens

Post Four: Dickens and Collins



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