Happy Birthday Charles Dickens!


Charles Dickens (1855) by Ary Scheffer (1795-1858)

It is no secret that Charles Dickens is one of my favourite authors. All January I have been singing his praises through my January – Charles Dickens Month posts. I have talked about how I first came to love Charles Dickens’s prose in My First Charles Dickens, about my favourites from him in My Favourites, about the only Dickens book I didn’t enjoy in  Dud from Dickens and I compared two of my favourite authors from the Victorian era in Dickens and Collins.

Today, 7th of February, 2012, is his 200th birthday. Check out the Google Doodle celebrating the characters of Dickens if you haven’t already.

I would like to wrap up the January – Charles Dickens Month by wishing a very happy birthday to the incomparable Charles Dickens. May his legacy live on forever!


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