Tune in Tuesday {3}: Whitney Houston

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger at GReads that showcases music. It  helps bring attention to new and/or old songs or artists.

This Tuesday’s Tune: “Saving all my love for you  by Whitney Houston

I know it is Valentine’s Day and all. I don’t intend to bum everyone out but I am not really feeling up to celebrating anything right now. I’ve been feeling blue this past couple of weeks and Valentine’s Day is just not for me.

Whitney Houston passed away a couple of days ago. Her death has really saddened me. My mom tells me that as a toddler I would try to sing her ‘Saving all my love for youall the time. She found it extremely funny. Well, this song is perfect for me right now. There is an inherent sadness to the song that people often miss. But if one listens to the words carefully, the sadness becomes apparent.

So here’s Saving all my love for you. For me and for the memory of  Whitney Houston. R.I.P. Whitney.



  1. I will never pretend to be a Whitney fan. I never was. But I will admit she had a beautiful voice. Her cover of I will Always Love You is absolutely fab. It is tragic that she died so young and struggled so hard with her addictions.

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