1st Blogoversary!

I can’t believe it! It has already been a year since I started my blog, A Paperback Life.

It was a rather warm March evening. I had nothing better to do then sit in front of a computer, idling my time away. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog but I was kind of intimidated. Reading has always been my passion. The thought of not reading anything makes me feel suffocated. Talking about books also came naturally but putting my thoughts into coherent, intelligent sentences? That’s a different ball game altogether. But that evening I was feeling particularly restless. I had to do something. I wanted to write, to talk, to connect.  So, A Paperback Life came to be. I think I have mentioned this before, I was pretty surprised that the name A Paperback Life was not already taken.

In this one year I have tried to keep track of what I read through this blog. I have tried to be regular with my reviews. I have had fun participating in challenges and I even won a book! I took part in fun weekly memes. Above all, I have met fellow readers.  It is hard to find people who love reading as much as I do in this increasingly fast paced world. I have met like minded and not so like minded readers, all of whom have gone out of their way to be nice to a novice blogger like me.  Thank you for your support!

I am sorry for not being able to give anything to the readers of my blog, like arrange a giveaway or something. All I can give you is my sincere love and gratitude. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope all of you stay with me as I try to keep my head above water and continue my little blog, A Paperback Life.



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