Booking Through Thursday: In Or Out?

This week’s Booking Through Thursday asks:

“Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert?

I am introvert to the point that people may actually find me weird. As kid I was bullied and often belittled by people who were close to me. These experiences left me feeling awkward about myself and uncomfortable about sharing my feelings with anyone. I have real trouble talking to strangers and adjusting to new places. Once I get comfortable though I can be just like anyone else. But even then I am very guarded about my personal life and don’t often share what’s on my mind with anyone.

That is exactly what made me become a reader. I relied heavily on the fictional worlds created by books, TV shows and movie. I sought refuge and felt secured in them.

In real life my job has opened me up a bit. Having to deal with students and fellow teachers around the university has made me more voluble than before. The internet has also helped make my life much richer. Blogging and being involved in other activities have made me less of a loner. Now I can talk about the things I love without fear.



    1. Hey, Bev! Good to see you after a long time. Yes working at a university really does help because you can’t really teach without talking. Working has brought me more out of myself, I guess.

    1. Thanks! Isn’t it hard keeping your business private in this age of Facebook, Twitter and reality shows popping up everywhere? I find it so. Most people are dismayed when they can’t find out all about my private life.

    1. Thanks for liking my post! This is one of the places I can be open about myself. I guess that is because no one knows who I am in real life. My guard is still pretty much up. 🙂

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