Musing Mondays (Mar.5)

This week’s Musing Mondays from Should Be Reading asks…

“This week’s musing asks…

When you walk into a bookstore — any bookstore — what’s the first section you head toward (what draws you)?

Fiction, of course. Classics and Mystery are the prefered genres. I avoid the shelves stacked with Romance and YA. I am not much of a Non-fiction reader so the Non-fiction section with all the travel books, cook books, etc, almost never gets even a second glance.



    1. I do like looking at pictures of food but they inevitably end up making me hungry. Cooking on the other hand always kills my appetite. Guess I should cook more often. 😉

  1. I walk in, avoid the best-seller/new hardback section usually full of the late celebrity tripe then turn left and start working my way around the bookshelves until I reach the end, then I go upstairs, have a cup of coffee and peruse the non-fiction after… go back down and start perusing the shelves in the opposite direction again.

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