Musing Mondays (Aug.27)

This week’s Musing Mondays from Should Be Reading asks…

“This week’s musing asks…

What is the weirdest/strangest/craziest book you’ve read?”

Well actually two books come to my mind. The first one is London Lavender by E. V. Lucas. I expected the book to be a short story collection of some sort. But when I started reading it I was considerably taken aback. What was this? Shall I call it slice of life? Or is this another one of Lucas’ essay collections with a touch of fiction? I’m not even sure whether to call this fiction or non-fiction. But even though the book didn’t turn out to be exactly as I thought it would, I loved it! It was weird but very enjoyable.

The other one is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. The narrative is sprawling, multi-layered and complicated which demanded my undivided attention. I at times struggled with its length but the experience was enjoyable.



  1. A Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is definitely a strange, sprawling book. Have you read anything else by Murakami? Norwegian Wood is much shorter and doesn’t have the surreal aspect of his other books, so it’s a little easier to get through. It’s a really beautiful book!

    1. No I haven’t read any of Murakami’s other works. I actually prefer the surreal aspect of The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. That’s what made the book interesting for me.

      Thanks for recommending Norwegian Woods! 🙂

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